Saturday, May 20, 2017


Public speaking
• Become knowledgeable about your speech topic.
• Establish an ethos first - a good way to do this is to begin your speech with a funny joke or small talk. 
• Don't constantly read your notes, cross your arms/legs or have your hands in your pockets. 
• Make frequent eye contact to everyone. 
• Think of the audience as your friends and smile. 
• Deliver your message without ranting or having an axe to grind. 

 Interpersonal sales/product demos
• Memorize any script you have without totally relying on it.
• Be fully knowledgeable about your products.
• Build a rapport - greet each prospect in a friendly, happy manner.
• Get customers involved by having them touch or test your item.
• Blend listening to your prospects and showing empathy for their related problems in with giving your spiel.

Job interview    

• You'll make a better impression by arriving with an attache or briefcase instead of a backpack, book bag or gym bag.
• Sell yourself.
• Frequently make eye contact for several seconds then momentarily look away. 
• Answer questions briefly without being vague or talking excessively. 
• Don't ask about the salary or badmouth your bosses.
• Be ready to answer questions about your background or what the firm does, no matter what type of firm it is.

New tip for salespeople/product demonstrators
Greeting prospects in a tone that's too low and weak may cause too many of them to ignore you. Put bass in your voice to get people to stop for your pitch/presentation. 

Wait! Don't be so hesitant to exit. There's one more step to public speaking/presentation greatness. Make it happen by investing in the CD or book you see above and to the right or the items you see below now.  

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